We bring in international artists with talent, their own style and skills.

By now it’s a growing family and a great number of our artists are returning guests.

Of course we invite artists based on their portfolio’s, but we also value their personalities and the fact of them being in love with the job..


Do you already have an idea, or could you do with some support?

Everything is possible. Together with an artist we will find you a befitting design.

It can be good to gather images beforehand. This way we will understand you better and we can see what you like. Of course we can help you with this. Your idea will always be the center point.

You always will be supported by one of our team members.

There’s also the possibility to give an artist a free hand in his/hers favorite style, this way you will always get something special.

We never tattoo before you are 100% satisfied about the design.


We charge you by machine time, so there’s no separate cost for the design.

Small coffee and smoke breaks are charged, if we take lunch or other longer breaks the time is not charged.

You need to make a down payment for confirming the appointment.


We go for quality, not for cheap.
If you want a big tattoo, but you cannot afford it right away, have one part finished completely or wait until your budget allows you the full tattoo.

There are no cheap sleeves. We did meet a lot of people who where disappointed after getting a cheap tattoo somewhere. Every now and then we have special offers, you can find them on our socials.


We aim to serve everybody within 2 weeks. You will never have to wait for a long time.

Of course you can book an appointment with artists who will be with us later.

And it’s also possible to have a part of a (big) tattoo done, and when he/she returns do the next part.